We sometimes need to get lost, to find ourselves again. We want to run away, only to feel at home again. We travel to explore, only to bring something new back with us. We travel to regain sanity. 

"Escape has been  inspired by my wanderlust, but is also my way of keeping those experiences alive, to keep them close, to bookmark them forever." - Prakshi Sharma

Prakshi loves to travel, to get away, to embark upon untaken journeys, and to revel in the untamed wilderness. Escape has been inspired by many untold sunsets, beautiful greens, and white sand beaches. Escape is inspired by the glory of nature at its absolute best.

Escape to dreamscape,
exploring visions of happiness

Be it mountains or valleys, yes it’s
Our turn to clean slate

Rejoice, dance and skate
On foamy oceanic crests

or lie on sand and rest
Under starry skies draped

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