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Conceptualized in the times of a global pandemic, bloom is about growing, about adapting, about re-forming. Just like vines, flora and nature blooms through thick and thin, we too can. Bloom is a ray of hope to heal and thrive regardless of obstacles through patience, resilience, and nurturing. The collection signifies strength, confidence and unparalleled elegance.


Dragonflies signify growth, adaptability, mysticism, and new beginnings. The collection is statement making because of their distinct motif but is also very minimal which makes it more wearable on a day-to-day basis.


Inspired by the most famous and awe-inspiring monuments of the world that are more than mere statues or pieces of art, Rewind reminisces about the past through symbols of triumph and tragedy that carry ephemeral but indelible chronicles.


Prakshi loves to travel, to get away, to embark upon untaken journeys, and to revel in the untamed wilderness. Escape has been inspired by many untold sunsets, beautiful greens, and white sand beaches. Escape is inspired by the glory of nature at its absolute best.

City Lights

There is something breathtaking about the way we feel when we see city lights gleaming through brisk nights. They draw us together no matter where we reside. This collection is a manifestation of the same. Each piece has its own interpretation of the sparkling city lights.

Rewind In Colour

This collection is an augmentation of our rewind collection. The symbolism of colours stems from psychological effects, biological conditioning and cultural developments they have held in our history. However, it’s not just about what they represent, but also about what they make us feel. Every colour has a meaning, a sentiment attached to it. Our Rewind in Colour collection, hence, commemorates the same.