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Rise Leafy Choker

Rise marquise diamond choker necklace in 18 carat ..

Rs. 481,329.6 View Details
Rise Trillion Marquise Choker

Rise mix shape diamond choker necklace in 18 carat..

Rs. 540,901.0 View Details
Rise Trillion Choker

Rise trillion diamond choker necklace in 18 carat ..

Rs. 559,963.8 View Details
Flower Bud Choker Necklace

Marquise, pear and round diamond choker necklace i..

Rs. 1,696,564.3 View Details
Ruby Oval Intertwine Choker

Oval ruby and round diamond collar necklace in 18 ..

Rs. 2,135,002.5 View Details
Marquise Necklace

Pear mar..

Rs. 848,282.2 View Details
Emerald Halo Necklace

pear, Marquise, Round diamond choker necklace in w..

Rs. 783,945.1 View Details
Art Deco Necklace

Emerald oval shape baguette diamond art deco style..

Rs. 2,926,103.3 View Details

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